Accommodations for world-round service
Accommodations for world-round service Varying climate conditions in long ocean runs
Suites De Luxe
Suites De Luxe Elena and her family traveled in First Class.

Elena Ledesma (Silva) was born in Jaro, Iloilo on May 18, 1928, to Juan Ledesma Ledesma and Magdalena (Nena) Jalandoni Javellana. She was the first-born of five children.

Juan’s family started sugarcane plantations on Negros island in the early 1900’s, funded in part by loans from Nena’s father, banker Julio Quimbiong Javellana. In 1932, Juan, his father, Julio Villalobos Ledesma, and other investors founded the Negros Navigation Company.

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"Sugar Babies, 1937"

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